September 27, 2021
  • September 27, 2021

Hakeem Roze

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Artist Name:Hakeem Roze

Hakeem Roze is a multi-talented singer and songwriter currently based in Toronto, Canada whose diverse musical styles transcend race or culture. From African to hip hop and R&B, Hakeem Roze will take you on a musical Joy ride around the world. The artist discovered by super producers COOL and DRE, has toured with popular dancehall artist Sean Paul for his multi-city tour. Impressively accumulating popularity, he credits his days performing at local Canadian shows and bars for molding him into the artist he is today. Hakeem’s notoriety continues to increase due to consistent release of new material through various media outlets. Hakeem’s recent track “Energy”, has started to receive praise on Spotify. The single “Energy” has a west coast feel with melodic tones throughout. He collaborates as a singer-songwriter for mainstream and local artists working with Grammy award winning producers to deliver the soundtrack for the breakups and make ups of our lives. Roze has opened for Drake, Bun B, Trey Songz and Bobby Valentino and worked with artists such as Lloyd, P Dice and French Montana. Numerous main stream blogs such as This is 50 and Complex Magazine have featured Roze. Along with radio stations such as Cali’s 106.5FM, Toronto’s G98.7 FM, and countless other worldwide stations. The recognition received although appreciated and much deserved is not what drives Roze. He is driven by pure passion to create and make feel good music for all ages.

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